Not Me Monday


Happy Monday! I’ve decided to join in with MckMama and post about my
*totally* awesome and productive day!
One of the advantages of working with schools is that I get school holidays off! Well, sorta.
I totally did *not* try to sleep in this morning and fail miserably. I did *not* drag myself out of that warm, cozy bed when The Minions were itching to go out early in the morning.
I then did *not* stumble back into the living room and refuse to catch up on my e-mails. Not me. I’m a faithful employee who promptly returns all of her e-mails.
I then did *not* lounge on the couch all day, watching TV and browsing the Interwebs, wearing my pajamas.
I also did *not* keep my pajamas all day. No, I’m *not* writing a blog post right now wearing my PJs.
And I’m definitely *not* cuddled up next to a beautiful beagle.
With a fluffy Pomeranian at my feet.
What a great day.


  1. Christina Lee says:

    Don't worry, I did *not* lounge around all day as well.
    On the up side, I did redesign a blog template for my blog. :)

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