The Nerd Card

Ever wonder if there’s a way to identify a Nerd on sight?
You know, like if they have a Nerd Club Membership Card?
The answer is yes, yes they do. And here’s my husband’s card:
This is the Membership Card for DCI, which is a division of Wizards of the West Coast. DCI keeps track of your player statistics for nerdy tournaments, like Magic: The Gathering tournaments.
Your unique DCI number is related to your International Ranking in MTG tournaments.
We are really low on the International Scale. Ask The Nerd about his experience playing against a seven-year-old girl. It wasn’t pretty.
So, if you ever want to know if someone is a Nerd, ask to see their DCI card. If they have one (or if they even know what you’re talking about), they’re definitely a Nerd.
Oh, and guess who else has one?
I am ashamed. 


  1. I’ve bookmarked your site and also I’m incorporating your own feeds to help my Yahoo bill.

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