In A Past Life {Readathon Mini-Challenge}

The New Year is quickly approaching!
Casey from The Bookish Type and Heather from Book-Savvy are hosting the Out With A Bang Readathon to help us all finish up our 2010 reading lists.
You can read any book for the event, but there is a particular focus on 2010 debut novels for the 2010 Debut Author Challenge.
Today, I’m hosting a mini-challenge for the readathon!
The Rules:
Choose a character from the book you’re currently reading and answer the following questions in the comments of this post.
  • What historical figure do you think they could have been in a past life?
  • Why did you choose this figure?
  • What similarities do the two share?
  • Be sure to tell us the book and the character you chose.
You must be signed up for the Readathon — just enter your info in the Linky over at host blogs — to be eligible to win.
One eligible entry will be selected from the comments to receive a prize pack!
The Prize:
US and Canada shipping only.
The prize pack includes a *signed* copy of The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller
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Contest ends Friday, Dec. 31, 2010 at 11:59 pm CST.
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Happy Reading!


  1. Gabrielle Carolina says:

    I am reading The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy. The Wickedest of the Wickeds could have been Cruella De Ville in a past life; they both have an affinity for skinning things alive, or so to speak. And I chose her because the bad girls are always the most fun to compare to.

  2. I'm currently reading Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. I choose Spencer Hastings, and I think she is a lot like Eleanor Roosevelt. Spencer is a huge over-achiever, but she's very smart and excels in pressure. She gets things done, and that's how I picture Mrs. Roosevelt to be.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I am reading Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood. I think if Charlie were an historical figure he would be Babe Ruth – he has a love for baseball and Boston, plus he thinks he has talent – but some may see him as cursed.

    great giveaway!

  4. I made a post for my entry here:

    But I'll answer here too. :)
    I'm reading Night Star by Alyson Noel, and I decided to focus on Sabine because Ever already has a bunch of past lives that we know about. I think Sabine would be Alexandra Romanov, the one who supposedly had an affair with Rasputin because she's interested in the law which royalty would have played a large role in back then. She also has an aversion and major dislike of all things psychic or spiritual, which could be because of her relationship with Rasputin. A bad experience with it would definitely lead to some major mistrust in her future lives afterall.

    Very fun giveaway, loved the questions 😀

  5. Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) says:

    I'm reading Across the Universe by Beth Revis and I'm focusing on the character of 16 year old Elder.
    Elder could easily have been Galileo in a past life for numerous reasons. Elder lives on a shipped named Godspeed, where he has never seen the universe that surrounds him, but he is stunned when he believes he sees stars. That reminds me immensely of Galileo. Aside from that, the two of them grew up in a society that told/tells them what to believe, but neither of them will believe it. Elder and Galileo stand firmly behind their own beliefs, despite what others may think or say.

    Thanks for hosting the fun challenge!

  6. I just finished reading Pirate Queen for the challange. I think that Saphora Warren could have been Mother Teresa in a previous life. Because she had but all of her needs aside to care for her husband and then Tobias. She is told repeatively thoughout the books that she spends a lot of time to care for others in the books.

  7. Right now I am reading Infinite Days. I think Leanah would be a perfect Queen Elizabeth because she is strong and smart

  8. You didn't tell me the mini challenge was going to be hard ! LOL I think I'll sit this one out, but wanted to say thank you for hosting it all the same! happy reading!

  9. I'm reading Amy and Roger's Epic Detour. I think the main character, Amy, could've been Amelia Earhart in a past life, not just because they share a first name, though I find that pretty ironic. She becomes an adventurer, and I could see her and Roger doing some more exploring like Amelia Earhart in the future.

  10. Shannon@BooksDevoured says:

    I am reading At Graves End by Jeanine Frost and I think that Cat could have been Anne Boleyn. She will do anything to be with her man!

  11. Mrs. DeRaps says:

    I'm reading (actually listening to) Room by Emma Donoghue, in which a woman has been imprisoned in a secret room by her abductor. She's been in their for years, and has birthed a son, Jack, by her rapist. They have created a life together in this little room, but they both yearn for much more.

    In answer to the challenge's questions:

    * What historical figure do you think they could have been in a past life?

    Patty Hearst. She's the first person that came to my mind.

    * Why did you choose this figure?

    Because I read The Taking of Patty Hearst when I was in middle school and remember some of what she went through when she was held hostage.

    * What similarities do the two share?
    I think that they share a survival story. I haven't finished the end of this book, but I have the sense that both the mother and Jack are survivors. Though they definitely play along with the man who is holding them captive, they are holding on to parts of themselves that he will never own.

    * Be sure to tell us the book and the character you chose.

    I'm kind of choosing both the young woman and her son. They are both dynamic characters.

    It's a great book! Scary, but facinating.

    mrsderaps @ hotmail . com

  12. I'm currently reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. As I'm not very far into the book, and therefore have a restricted cast of characters, I'm going to choose Mr. Norrell himself. I think in his past life, he was an unknown student of either Plato or Socrates. His absolute desperation to believe that the only truth is one that can be found academically, either in a book (though several books spout blasphemy) or through one's own research, is very strict. This makes me think he had a very, very learned teacher, who read a lot of books, from which Norrell (or his former self) got the idea that that was the only way to learn. I know my choice is a little unorthodox, but I really think that's the best way to describe him.

    I can be reached at greenparrot55 [at] hotmail [dot] com

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!
    ~Anne (


    This is going to be a bit of a stretch!
    I'm Reading Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber Its a Starwars book with Zombies(I can't EXPRESS the level of happiness havaing these two things together gives me!)

    So Im Picking Han Solo!

    I think he could be reincarnated from Robin Of Locksley aka Robin Hood

    They both had prices on their heads
    they both were caught up in Rebellions they never thought they would be a part of much less lead and they both had a way with the ladies. Though robin Hood's exploits were mostly fictional there are factual accounts of his outlaw status and poaching charges:)
    I picked Han because well I'm a Geek girl and he's my favorite scoundrel.

  14. Wow, this is hard!
    I'm reading If I Stay but I'm not far into it so it's still a little hard to tell with the main character, Mia. I definitely think a historical figure that at least enjoyed classical music. Okay, I just spent like a half hour doing research and I really have no clue!
    I guess I'll go with Amelia Earhart because she may have faced a similar situation. And because they are both very brave.

    Candace at Candace's Book Blog
    candace_redinger at yahoo dot com

  15. Miss Remmers says:

    I am currently reading "Knightley Academy" and the character I've chosen is the female protagonist Frankie. I would compare Frankie to Princess Diana. I think socially they are quite different, but fundamentally the same; here's why, Frankie is a strong female character who struggles with the role that society has placed her in. She is quite the "tom boy" and can do many things that society tells her she shouldn't. Princess Di, I feel, struggled with the role society gave her and constantly pushed against it to define herself in her own way. Both women push against the social constraints they've been given.

    PS: I love your left side bar with all the pictures! That is so awesome! I'm a new follower and can't wait to continue to read your blog.

    Miss Remmers
    missremmers at gmail dot com

  16. Cade Crowley says:

    I answered the question in my Read-A-Thon update here:

  17. Meggie from Willow Run.

    I think she could be a young Jane Austen or Emily Dickinson, because she's always writing and recording what she's thinking. And, there were a few times her thoughts could have been something from one of those amazing women.

    basicallyamazingbooks [at]

  18. Ashley (Ashley's Bookshelf) says:

    Right now I am currently reading Halo by Adornetto.

    I think Bethany could have been Juliet(lol)because she lets her feelings take over her mission and the reason she was sent to Earth.

    ashleysbookshelf at gmail dot com

  19. Truth Be Told Blog says:

    I'm about to start reading Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith but I'm not really far into it, so I'll choose a character from the last novel I read, This Lullaby bu Sarah Dessen.

    I'm going to choose Dexter, the main guy.

    What historical figure do you think they could have been in a past life? I think Dexter could have been a crazy rocker cool guy, like James Dean. He has this doesn't care, trouble attitude.

    Why did you choose this figure? In the book, Dexter is in a band, and he is just the overall opposite of who Remy usually dates. He is trouble.

    What similarities do the two share? They both love music, and they were/are both confident.

    Be sure to tell us the book and the character you chose.

    Dexter from This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

    Thanks so much for this giveaway, I have had this book on my wishlist forever!

    truthbetold004 at gmail dot com

  20. Right now, I am reading Hold Still by Nina LaCour. I am going to choose Ingrid as the character.
    I think Ingrid could have been Cleopatra in a past life because she appears to be a strong girl, but she actually had problems. Both Ingrid and Cleopatra killed themselves.

    swordsforfighting at yahoo dot com

  21. I'm reading Managing Death by Trent Jamieson. The character I chose is Lissa. There's probably a better greek historical reference but I'm going to say Helen of Troy. The man who loved her started a war to get her back. In the book, Lissa's man nearly started a regional apocalypse. Yah Regional. It's great!


  22. Heather (Book-Savvy) says:

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the readathon, and HUGE thanks to Arena for hosting this mini-challenge!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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