Here Comes the Easter Bunny…


This post is super-late, but if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I was kind of busy last week. If you consider “busy” to mean laying on the beach in between workshop sessions. Many fun posts about that to come this week.

But for now, let’s look at photos of my adorable niece as she hunts for Easter eggs, shall we?


River was so excited to come outside and hunt the eggs.


The Easter bunny did a great job of hiding them…even for a two-year-old.


Baby Eli even got to hunt a few eggs.


Ok, well, maybe just that one.


River’s basket got so full that every time she added another egg, three more would fall out. It was hilarious!


The Easter bunny got creative when it came to hiding some of the eggs.


But River would always find them.


She’s good like that, you know?


What did you do for Easter? Did the Easter bunny visit your kids?

Thanks for looking!




  1. Love these photos! So adorable!

  2. River’s Easter dress is beautiful! All of my cousins are too old to hunt eggs now…I can’t wait til we have a little one! Easter is so much more fun with kiddos! Can’t wait to see beach pictures!!!

  3. These are super cute! What a cute little girl in a gorgeous pink dress. Can Easter dresses be any other color ;)?!

  4. Susan H says:

    Such a cutie!!! Sweet baby girl pink and I love the gloves – not often do you see them on kiddos these days. I had fun hiding 443 eggs for our grandsons and their cousins.

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