Football Candy Bar Wrappers

Football Candy Bar Wrappers

Football season is upon us, and I’m always on the look-out for fun ideas for a football party or tailgate. This Football Candy Bar Wrappers are a fun way to add some game day flair to your favorite candy bar. They are so easy to make, too!

Check back this week because I’ll be sharing even more ideas for hosting a Football Party or tailgate celebration!

Football Candy Bar Wrappers

Brown Construction Paper
Black Construction Paper
White Out Correction Tape
Scotch Tape


Football Candy Bar Wrappers Cutting PaperFootball Candy Bar Wrappers Cutting Paper

First, we need to cut out the candy bar wrappers. Cut rectangles that measure 3.5 inches by 4 inches from the construction paper.

Football Candy Bar Wrappers Drawing Referee Stripes

Let’s start with the black construction paper. We are going to add white stripes with the Correction Tape to make these look like referee jerseys.

Football Candy Bar Wrappers Drawing Referee Stripes

There’s no right or wrong way to do this — just try to make the stripes as close to the same width as possible.

Football Candy Bar Wrappers Drawing LacesFootball Candy Bar Wrappers Drawing Laces

Next, let’s do the football wrappers. Take a brown rectangle, and use the Correction Tape to paint laces onto the middle of the wrapper.

Football Candy Bar WrappersFootball Candy Bar Wrappers

Place the finished wrappers around your candy bar and secure with tape.

Football Candy Bar Wrappers

And done! Aren’t they cute?

Don’t have time to craft your own? I’ve got you covered with these free printables!

Referee Candy Bar WrapsFootball Candy Bar Wraps

Click here to download the Referee Candy Bar Wrapper printable.
Click here to download the Football Candy Bar Wrapper printable.



  1. So stinkin’ cute! I had to pin this one right away!!!

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