Father's Day Photos!

Fathers Day-012 copy

There’s a long-standing joke in our relationship that The Nerd doesn’t love me enough to put a photo of me on his desk at work.

We’ve been married for three years and the man has never, not once, put a photo of me on his desk. No matter how many times I mention it.

It just doesn’t matter to him. Work is for work. Why would he have a picture of his wife there? That just isn’t logical.

A few days after Andrew was born, The Nerd asked me if I could text him some of the photos I had taken of our new son. “Why?” I asked. He had just returned to work, and confessed that everyone at work was asking to see pictures of the new baby. And he had nothing to show them.

See what I mean? The thought never occurred to him to take pictures of his new son.

We certainly are a pair, aren’t we? Me, who never puts the camera down, and James, who never thinks to pick it up.

Well, for The Nerd’s first Father’s Day, I wanted to take some special photos of Andrew.

Fathers Day-012 copy

I had this one framed so he could put it on his desk at work. And you know what? He actually did it.

I guess he loves Andrew more than me, haha.

Fathers Day-009 copy

We had so much fun taking photos of the Dude for his Daddy.

Father's Day Collage

We even got River and Eli to share in the fun! This was their Father’s Day collage for their dad.

Of course, we had to give The Nerd something he’d actually enjoy on Father’s Day — so we got him a gift card to Steam.

It always comes back to video games in our house.

What did you do for Father’s Day?




  1. Stephanie says:

    Those are super cute pictures! Great idea!!

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