DIY Astro Turf Koozies

Astro Turf Koozies

It wouldn’t be a football party without some fun koozies, right? These DIY Astro Turf Koozies are perfect for tailgating with your favorite team, or just watching the game at home.

I kept mine pretty generic for our party, with some bedazzled #1 stickers. But you could add your team’s logo or colors for some team spirit. How about some maroon?

DIY Astro Turf Koozies


Astro turf
Hot glue gun
Scrap paper


Astro Turf Koozies-1.jpg

Cut a rectangle out of the astro turf that measures 4 inches by 8.5 inches. You will need one of these for each koozie that you plan to make.

Astro Turf Koozies-2.jpg

Measure out a scrap piece of paper that is 1 inch by 3.5 inches. Glue one side to the inside edge of your koozie.

Astro Turf Koozies-3.jpgAstro Turf Koozies-4.jpg

Glue the other side of the scrap paper to the other edge of the koozie, to connect the two edges together. Allow to dry.

Astro Turf Koozies-5.jpg

There you go. You can also cut an outline of the bottom of the koozie out of astro turf to glue to the bottom. I didn’t do this, but if your cans are slipping through, it would probably be a good idea. You can put the grass on the inside so that the koozie will sit flat.

Astro Turf Koozies-6.jpgAstro Turf Koozies-7.jpg

Decorate as desired.

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