Disney® Frozen String Cheese

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Life can be so busy with four kids under 8! Keeping my family fed and happy can be more difficult than putting a rabid squirrel in an elf costume. So during one of my recent shopping trips to Walmart I was ecstatic to find the perfect snack – Disney® Frozen String Cheese! Finding these wholesome bounties sitting in the cheese snacking section was a delightful bonus to an already unpleasant shopping trip (see: four kids under 8). When I heard I can share a $1 off coupon I knew I had to share these with you!

In this day and age almost everything is overly processed with a plethora of mystery ingredients. But Disney® Frozen String Cheese is made with real milk. And all of my kids agree the taste is amazing! Disney® Frozen String Cheese is packed with calcium and protein for all of my kid’s growing bones (824 bones, to be exact). And there is absolutely no “Mom Guilt” included in giving my kids this nutritious little snack. Don’t worry, it’s okay if you want to eat a couple too! Aren’t these the cutest little packages? My kids are always excited to see which character they’ll get. Olaf is a favorite, so thankfully he’s on them all!


In Texas, it’s finally getting to be nice outside. Summer is fun, but I just love fall, y’all! It feels like we’ve spent most of our life this last week at the park. Of course, all of my kids love to show off their death defying ninja skills on the different equipment. Which means, despite a generous portion of lunch and a savory dinner waiting at home, being at the park makes my children’s perpetually empty stomachs into black holes in need of any and all sustenance. That’s where Disney® Frozen String Cheese comes in so handy. It is my absolute favorite thing about this snack: they are so easy to grab. I just grab a couple as we head out the door and there is no complaining on the way home. Also, the individually wrapped portions are the perfect size for adding a dose of calcium to my children’s lunches.

Two things my kids love now are jokes and Disney® Frozen String Cheese. If I hear another ‘Knock Knock’ joke… it probably means two minutes have passed. So I had to make up these cute tags to attach to the snack, or just slide in my kids’ lunches. Can you tell me what Olaf’s favorite lunch is? Or why you should never give Elsa a balloon? Download this free princess joke printable and find out! My kids thought these jokes were hilarious. I did have to explain the Izzy one though. Let me know if your kids get it on the first try!


If you’re like us you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling this holiday season. Be sure to pick up a bag of Disney® Frozen String Cheese. They don’t even make a mess in the car since they get eaten so quickly – unlike other crunchy and crumbly snacks! And as an added bonus you can go to www.cheeseadventures.com and find fun games and activities to explore with your kids. My kids loved looking through this site with me. And if you visit www.cheeseadventures.com you can get $1 off any Disney® String Cheese product (expires 1/15/2017)!


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