Chris Mann and Amber Riley at Blissdom

Blissdom GNO-004.jpg

One of the most fun nights during my time at Blissdom (and there were many!) was when we hit the Glass Cactus for Girls’ Night Out. I had so much fun hanging out with my Dallas blogger friends.

Blissdom-015Blissdom-014Blissdom GNO-010.jpgBlissdom Concert-004.jpgBlissdom Concert-005.jpgBlissdom Concert-007.jpgBlissdom Concert-012.jpgBlissdom GNO-008.jpgBlissdom GNO-009.jpg

A few of us were able to get on the front row during the concert by Chris Mann and Amber Riley at Blissdom. I was so glad I’d lugged my camera all the way out there. I got some awesome shots and that was just as much fun as singing and dancing along with them.

Chris Mann was so down-to-Earth and kind. He seemed genuinely happy to be part of Blissdom and even tweeted a few shots of the crowd. Amber Riley was awesome. That girl can belt it! I loved that she sang songs from Glee. I loved Mercedes on the show and always admired her strong character.

It was a great night!


  1. I LOVE that picture of us!! So cute!! You got some really awesome pictures of the two of them!

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