Bow Ties Are Cool

One Year Birthday Smash Cake-005

We’re currently on vacation in Paris, but I wrote this post shortly before we left. Enjoy!

For Andrew’s birthday, I wanted to snap some photos of my cute little man. I wanted to play off the photo shoot I did for his half-birthday earlier this year, so this time, we went with a bow tie.

‘Cause, you know. Bow ties are cool and stuff.

One Year Birthday Smash Cake-002One Year Birthday Smash Cake-008Smashing the One Year Birthday CakeOne Year Birthday Smash Cake-006

Isn’t he such a cute Little Dude?



  1. Too cute. He is so serious.

    I hope you are enjoying Paris! LUCKY!!!

  2. I LOVE that bowtie! He is so sweet! Happy 1st birthday, Andrew, you are such a gift.

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