Andrew’s Favorite Thing in the World

Bath with Hyrum and Benson-004.jpg

This is it. The photo I will one day show Andrew’s first girlfriend and he will die of embarrassment.
As we get closer and closer to his first birthday, I can’t help but think of all the little things that define my son’s personality. This is one of them. If I would let him, Andrew would spend all day in the bathtub. And all night too. The boy LOVES bath time.

I turn on the faucet and he tries to climb in, clothes, diaper and all. He can hardly wait for me to take them off. He splashes with pure abandon, taking no care of the water running into his eyes, down his nose or in his mouth.

I remember the first time he figured out how to splash. I didn’t show him how — he did it on his own. At first, it was a tentative splash. Like, “Wow. This is kinda fun.” Then it was full-on, never-looking back splashing. That’s what I’m treated to once he steps foot in the tub. No tentativeness, no shyness — pure on splashing, how it was meant to be done.

And he’s just so cute, I can’t stop him.

When we recently visited my sister, Andrew took baths with Hyrum and Benson. Those poor boys didn’t stand a chance. They huddled together in the opposite end of the tub to escape the tirade of water from my little man.

Bath with Hyrum and Benson-001.jpgBath with Hyrum and Benson-003.jpgBath with Hyrum and Benson-002.jpgBath with Hyrum and Benson-005.jpgBath with Hyrum and Benson-006.jpg

These are the moments I’m going to miss the most.



  1. Emma loves taking baths too. How old is Andrew? I am so scared to let her bath alone in the tub. One of us usually get in so she doesn’t fall.

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