A Family Affair

Family Photos-290

Before we headed to The Nerd’s cousin’s wedding, we decided to take some family photos while we were all dressed up.

Family Photo CollageFamily Photos-270

Andrew and his Grandpa had an agreement that Andrew would get Grandpa’s tie all drooly so that he could take it off. Andrew happily obliged.

Wedding Collage

The wedding was beautiful and we had a marvelous time. Andrew was the hit of the party (besides the beautiful bride, of course) and he tried to steal the show during the speeches at the reception. I’m sure the Bride and Groom didn’t appreciate all the loud baby babble, but we sure thought it was funny.

Rodgers Family Barbecue-515Rodgers Family Barbecue-534Barbecue CollageRodgers Family Barbecue-532

The day after the wedding, the family had a barbecue for the bride and groom. It was a beautiful day. Andrew was mesmerized by the beautiful flowers and the green grass. He loved feeling it against his feet — we don’t have grass like that in Texas.

Once again, Andrew was the hit of the party. He met so many people and won them over instantly. I don’t think he cried even once when someone new held him. I know he is missing all of his Canadian friends and family being stuck and home now with just Mommy.

Last Canadian post tomorrow — our trip to Stanley Park and a visit to the beach at Low Tide! Thanks for looking!



  1. I love the picture of Lonnie with Andrew on his shoulders.

  2. What a wonderful way to remember your trip here! 🙂 I love the photos and cannot wait to show them to Nana, she will love it!
    And I have to agree, Andrew was the hit of the wedding and the BBQ! We loved meeting him and seeing you all!
    Oh and not for one second did we mind him “participating” in the speeches! We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!
    Hope you guys back soon!! Xo

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