Bow Ties Are Cool

One Year Birthday Smash Cake-005

We’re currently on vacation in Paris, but I wrote this post shortly before we left. Enjoy!

For Andrew’s birthday, I wanted to snap some photos of my cute little man. I wanted to play off the photo shoot I did for his half-birthday earlier this year, so this time, we went with a bow tie.

‘Cause, you know. Bow ties are cool and stuff.

One Year Birthday Smash Cake-002One Year Birthday Smash Cake-008Smashing the One Year Birthday CakeOne Year Birthday Smash Cake-006

Isn’t he such a cute Little Dude?


We Made It!

Parisian Cookies-003

Well, we made it!

We left for Paris a week ago — and it’s been a whirlwind of activity since. First we had to get from the airport to Disneyland Paris — that was a feat in itself. Once we were settled, the work began in getting our booth set up for Minecon.

I’ve been working non-stop, with just a few chances to see Disneyland. But now, Minecon is over and we’ve moved to our hotel in the city for the remainder of our trip.

We arrived at our new hotel late Monday evening, and I have to say, I’m in love. The Eiffel Tower is just outside our window.

We decided to take it easy that night and most of the day on Tuesday, taking a rest from our flurry of activity since we arrived in France. We walked to a small market down the street, bought cheese and bread and cookies, and had a makeshift dinner in bed.

It was wonderful.

Parisian Cookies-002Parisian Cookies CollageParisian Cookies-008Parisian Cookies-009Parisian Cookies-010

Tomorrow, we’re boarding a train to London to spend the day. Then, we’ll spend the rest of our time touring Paris and experiencing this beautiful city.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with our trip. I’ll be posting throughout the week. There are already some photos of the Eiffel Tower!

Be back soon!

Updating Andrew’s Winter Wardrobe With #CookiesKids #CBias

Andrew Cookies Kids Outfit Model

This week, we are leaving for a two-week trip to Paris. While I am really looking forward to it, I know that Paris in November is rainy and drizzly and cold — nothing like what we’re used to here in North Texas.

I knew I’d need to update Andrew’s winter wardrobe for the trip, so I turned to Cookie’s Kids, the world’s largest kids department store. Originally known for school uniforms, they have expanded to include all kinds of kids clothes. They have seven locations in the NYC area in Bronx, Brooklyn and Jamaica, as well as online at

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One Year Ago…

Andrew Birth-031.jpg

One year ago, I held you in my arms for the first time. And though the moment was brief, you captured my heart and soul. It was a day of fear, pain and weakness, but also of joy, triumph and happiness.

Andrew Birth-010.jpgAndrew Birth-001.jpgAndrew Birth-005.jpgAndrew Birth Collage 1Andrew Birth-009.jpgAndrew and Daddy CollageAndrew Birth-018.jpgAndrew Birth-021.jpg

Since then, I’ve watched you discover the world, satisfying your curiosity and learning as much as you can. Every single person you meet falls instantly under your spell. You are the most charming, happy boy on the planet.

Andrew Birth-026.jpg

I can’t wait to see what kind of man you will become. But don’t hurry or anything. I’m happy to keep you just the way you are.

**To read the story of Andrew’s birth and his three-week stay in the NICU, click here.

Andrew’s Favorite Thing in the World

Bath with Hyrum and Benson-004.jpg

This is it. The photo I will one day show Andrew’s first girlfriend and he will die of embarrassment.
As we get closer and closer to his first birthday, I can’t help but think of all the little things that define my son’s personality. This is one of them. If I would let him, Andrew would spend all day in the bathtub. And all night too. The boy LOVES bath time.

I turn on the faucet and he tries to climb in, clothes, diaper and all. He can hardly wait for me to take them off. He splashes with pure abandon, taking no care of the water running into his eyes, down his nose or in his mouth.

I remember the first time he figured out how to splash. I didn’t show him how — he did it on his own. At first, it was a tentative splash. Like, “Wow. This is kinda fun.” Then it was full-on, never-looking back splashing. That’s what I’m treated to once he steps foot in the tub. No tentativeness, no shyness — pure on splashing, how it was meant to be done.

And he’s just so cute, I can’t stop him.

When we recently visited my sister, Andrew took baths with Hyrum and Benson. Those poor boys didn’t stand a chance. They huddled together in the opposite end of the tub to escape the tirade of water from my little man.

Bath with Hyrum and Benson-001.jpgBath with Hyrum and Benson-003.jpgBath with Hyrum and Benson-002.jpgBath with Hyrum and Benson-005.jpgBath with Hyrum and Benson-006.jpg

These are the moments I’m going to miss the most.


HoneyBaked New Recipe Turkey Breast

Honey Bakes Ham Turkey-004

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? I’ll admit that I’m in denial, as I won’t actually be celebrating a traditional Thanksgiving this year. We are leaving on Tuesday next week for a two-week trip to Paris. I am super-excited, but a little bummed at missing one of my favorite holidays. I mean, what’s fall in Texas without turkey, cornbread dressing and all the fixin’s?

So enjoy an extra helping of cornbread dressing for me, would you?

I really can’t complain much, though. We got to have a little mini Thanksgiving celebration with just our family the other night, thanks to HoneyBaked’s New Recipe Turkey Breast. The folks known for their delicious ham have revamped their turkey breast recipe and asked me to give it a try. I whole-heartedly agreed!

Precooked and sliced, HoneyBaked’s New Recipe Turkey Breast is so convenient for busy families. The turkey dinner comes with frozen sides, so you just pop those in the oven. I heated our turkey up just a bit before serving.

The brown sugar glaze on the turkey was divine. We chose macaroni and cheese (Andrew’s favorite) and green bean casserole as our sides. They were so good and had me longing for some cornbread dressing to go along with it.

This would be the perfect solution for a busy weeknight meal, or a great alternative to making a huge Thanksgiving meal. Since there’s just the three of us, sometimes it’s hard for me to tone down my need to make giant feasts. This would help with that so much.

HoneyBaked New Recipe Turkey Breast Facts

HoneyBaked Turkey Breast comes in three-pound packages that make 8-10 servings. It is best if refrigerated immediately and eaten within five days of purchase.

HoneyBaked LocationsCoupons-LetsTalkTurkey.psd
Get $3 off HoneyBaked New Recipe Turkey Breast with this coupon!

I definitely recommend the HoneyBaked New Recipe Turkey Breast dinner. My family loved it!

Honey Bakes Ham Turkey-005

Disclaimer: I was asked to try and review HoneyBaked’s New Recipe Turkey Breast Dinner and received a free product sample to facilitate my review. Information was provided by HoneyBaked, but all opinions and photographs are my own.

Andrew’s Curious George Birthday Party

Andrew Birthday Party-001.jpg

Last weekend, we celebrated Andrew’s first birthday with a Curious George Birthday Party. Andrew LOVES Curious George and it was really the only thing I could imagine for a theme for his party.

For those of you saying, “OMG, Andrew is ONE already?” — he won’t actually turn one until Friday. But due to lots of impending travel, last weekend worked better into our schedule. Look for a sob-filled post reliving the day he was born then. Moving on.

I tried not to go overboard with the whole Curious George thing. Instead, I went more with a general red, blue and yellow color scheme and served foods that both adults and kids could enjoy. We tried to have the party outside — it was a beautiful day — but it was too windy, as you can see in my photos of the banner above the table. So we quickly moved the festivities indoors. That suited my dad, my brother and The Nerd — who were engrossed in the Texas A&M/Alabama football showdown — just fine.

Andrew Birthday Party-010.jpgBirthday Party Food CollageAndrew Birthday Party-BannerAndrew Birthday Party-007.jpgAndrew Birthday Party-008.jpg

We got Andrew a swing set for his birthday, and he received lots of fun presents from our family and friends in attendance! I think his cousins were more excited to open presents than he was, haha!

Andrew Birthday Party-014.jpgAndrew Birthday Party-019.jpgAndrew Birthday Party-020.jpgAndrew Birthday Party-021.jpgAndrew Birthday Party-022.jpg

Soon, it was time for the best part of a birthday party — the DESSERT! I ordered Andrew’s Curious George Cake from Hands-On Cake Design. I just LOVED it! And the smash cake was too cute! We also served ice cream and I had a Milk and Cookies Bar for the kids. They loved it!

Curious George Cake CollageAndrew Birthday Party-033.jpgBaby Eating Curious George CakeAndrew Birthday Party-034.jpg

Andrew wasn’t too keen on the smash cake. He put his fingers in it for a bit, but that was about the extent of it. Ah well. I’m sure next year he’ll be even more into it!

It was such a great party. I’m so glad we got to celebrate our Little Dude’s birthday with all of you! Protection Status