12 Days of Christmas Cookies

The Holiday Baking Season is upon us!
One of my favorite things about Christmas is all of the fun, festive treats that we get to enjoy.
With that in mind, I wanted to come up with a creative way to share some of my favorite Christmas cookie recipes…and so, the 12 Day of Christmas Cookies was born.
I know several other blogs have done something similar in the past, but I wanted to do something a little more … memorable.
So, I timed my recipe schedule according to the song!
Here’s the line-up:
9: Stenciled Cookies
10. Candy Cane Swirls
11. Marshmallow Cookies
12. Glitter Balls
But I’m not just interested in *my* recipes. I want to see yours, too!

At the end of this post, there will be a Linky for you to add links to your own holiday cookie recipes. I’d love to see what you have! I’ll even link to some of them in my upcoming posts.

Be sure to include the name of the cookie and your blog name in the Linky title field.

Example: Snickerdoodles (The Nerd’s Wife)


Want to let the world know about this event?

Add the 12 Days of Christmas Cookies button to your blog!

Just copy and paste the code into your blog sidebar.

The Nerd's Wife - 12 Days of Christmas Cookies

Check back tomorrow for the first Christmas cookie recipe!

Happy Holidays!


Come see the 12 Days of Christmas Cookies…where I share 12 of my holiday favorites, and my readers share some of theirs, too!


  1. wish i wasn't eschewing all things sweet. no holiday baking for me this year… i can't handle the temptation. i'm like a crack addict around sugar! ha!
    but your meme sure looks delicious!
    your holiday pics turned out so nicely. imagine all the ruckus next year with four little kiddles! ; )

  2. I'm doing 12 Days of Christmas cookies or treats….still trying to figure out all the cookies. I'm hosting a Christmas Cookie exchange for my girlfriends this year, and I'm hoping they share their cookie recipes, too. Can't wait to see all your wonderful cookies.;-)

  3. How exciting! I've been participating in 12 weeks of Christmas Cookies and it's been a blast! Can't wait to see your cookies!

  4. I wish I had my own kitchen to bake in, I would totally take this challenge!

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