DIY Activity Boards

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Do you struggle keeping the little ones entertained on your road-trips? If so, try these activity boards to make your trips more enjoyable!

Our family loves to travel, but with 3 kids 6 years old and under road-trips aren’t always the most enjoyable thing, especially when we are stuck in the car for hours on end. Over the years I have learned a few tips and must-haves that help our long car rides go a little more smoothly. DSC_0520a

First off, you must have healthy snacks in the car! Keeping the snacks healthy is one of the most important things for me as a mom. Junk food and fast food usually makes our family feel yucky and grumpy, so we try to bring our food with us.


We try to stick to snacks with healthy natural ingredients. One of our favorites to have in the car is Juicy Juice Juice Boxes. I love that they are 100% real juice and a “no-mess” beverage. They also have 120% Vitamin C in 8 oz of juice. Two of my favorite things about Juicy Juice is that they are light in color and they have 1 serving of fruit in every 8 oz of juice. Let’s not forget that my kids LOVE them and with 16 kid-favorite flavors in a variety of single-serve and multi-serve sizes, I’m sure your kids will too! With all of this, they are perfect for road trips!  You can even get some coupons here!DSC_0514a

The other crucial part of making a road trip successful is entertainment. We always give the kids some tablet/movie time in the car, but I find that too much movie time makes us more likely to argue. I like my kids to play with each other and to get their brains working, so I am excited to have my kids use these activity boards. They are so easy to make and provide hours of entertainment!

DSC_0489aAll you have to do is paint these cheap cookie sheets with chalk paint. I used what I had on hand, but you could also use spray paint that is chalkboard paint. I painted them with two layers!   These boards are great for so many activities. I love that you can color on them, play games, race cars, or use magnets on them! There are seriously so many ideas!



What are some of your road-trip must-haves for little ones? Happy Spring Break!

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