Target First Saturdays and the Nasher Sculpture Center

Target First Saturdays-026.jpg

Last weekend, we headed to the Dallas Arts District to tour the Nasher Sculpture Center, courtesy of Target First Saturdays.

The Nerd had to work, but my sister, Jet, and her two sons were visiting from New Mexico, so they came with me and Andrew! It was such a fun day!

Target First Saturdays-028.jpg

The first Saturday of every month, admission is FREE to the center and there are family-friendly activities all day long.

Target First Saturdays-029.jpg

Each child who attends receives a gift bag with information about the center and an art scavenger hunt.

Target First Saturdays-005.jpg

We first went to the Cuddle on the Tightrope exhibition. My sister, Jet, took her son Benson through the exhibit.

Target First Saturdays-010.jpg

Here’s a little about the exhibition from the Nasher Sculpture Center’s website:

Passageways of crocheted rope transport visitors up into the space above the gallery floor, changing their perspective and relation to gravity, and nestling them in an aerie of polypropylene balls and crocheted rope. Initially taught to crochet by his grandmother and great aunt in 1994, Neto did not put the skill to use in his art until many years later. The artist now relies on a team of assistants to produce the enormous crocheted installations of recent years.

Like many of the artist’s environments, the experience of Kink is meant to be both individual and communal. In order to preserve the shared intimacy of the encounter, only five people are allowed into the structure at a time.

Target First Saturdays-012.jpg

How cool is that? I really wanted to walk through with Andrew, but you aren’t allowed to carry a child through the exhibit. They have to be able to walk on their own.

Target First Saturdays-015.jpg

We stopped for family photos with the exhibition. Here’s Jet, Hyrum and Benson!

Target First Saturdays-016.jpg

And me and Andrew!

Target First Saturdays-020.jpg

Benson was fascinated with all the ropes.

Target First Saturdays-022.jpg

And Hyrum loved crawling around on the mats near the beginning of the exhibition.

Target First Saturdays-024.jpg

Andrew did, too!

Target First Saturdays-031.jpg

The boys had an AWESOME time doing their art project at one of the activity stations.

Target First Saturdays-033.jpg

And then we went on the art scavenger hunt around the center.

Target First Saturdays-034.jpg

Hyrum LOVED finding and identifying the pieces of art around the center.

Target First Saturdays-035.jpg

He was a little creeped out by the headless men, though, haha.

Target First Saturdays is just one of many local charitable initiatives by Target. Last year, Target contributed more than $2.06 million to support the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

The Take Charge of Education program allows customers to allocate 1% of their Target REDCard and Target Check Card purchases to the K-12 school of their choice. Schools benefited include Allen High School, Arlington High School and Marcus High School, just to name a few.

Target also supports local chapters of the United Way through store grants and employee contributions.

I think it’s wonderful that Target is so involved in our community. It makes me feel good about the massive amounts of money I spend there! I mean seriously… I can’t go into Target without five extra things finding their ways into my basket…

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your family this summer, I highly recommend Target First Saturdays… or even a visit on a regular day to the Nasher Sculpture Center.

The next Target First Saturday is July 7 and the Cuddle on the Tightrope exhibit will be at the center until Sept. 9.


Disclaimer: Target and the Nasher Sculpture Center provided lunch for me and my family, along with some gifts during our visit. All opinions are my own.


A Day at the Scarborough Renaissance Faire!

Renaissance Festival 2012-082.jpg

One of our favorite things to do as a Nerdy Family is attend the Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival. It’s something that I look forward to every year.

Last year, we took River and Eli. I was looking forward to Andrew’s first experience at the Ren Faire!

Renaissance Festival 2012-046.jpg

We dressed him up as a “Star Trek science officer exploring a planet very similar to Earth in the fifteen hundreds.

Renaissance Festival 2012-041.jpg

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Andrew really doesn’t stand a chance at being normal…

Renaissance Festival 2012-007.jpg

First things first, we had to get our faces painted. Eli got a snake.

Renaissance Festival 2012-005.jpg

And River got a unicorn.

Renaissance Festival 2012-010.jpg

River convinced Nanna to get her face painted, too.

Renaissance Festival 2012-013.jpg

I just love that Nanna got to spend the day with all her grandkids! (My sister and her boys were visiting from New Mexico, so the whole crew was here!)

Renaissance Festival 2012-022.jpg

This is Benson. He’s such a happy boy.

Renaissance Festival 2012-023.jpg

Eli wasn’t too sure about the stuff on Nanna’s face.

Renaissance Festival 2012-029.jpg

The kids got to ride an elephant…

Renaissance Festival 2012-036.jpg

…and a camel!

Renaissance Festival 2012-027.jpg

Andrew and I watched.

Renaissance Festival 2012-049.jpg

Benson rode a donkey…

Renaissance Festival 2012-050.jpg

…and Hyrum rode a horsey!

Renaissance Festival 2012-057.jpg

Then we went to the petting zoo and a cow licked Andrew’s foot!

Renaissance Festival 2012-064.jpg

The boys fed the ducks.

Renaissance Festival 2012-068.jpg

And Andrew petted a baby goat!

Renaissance Festival 2012-069.jpg

Hyrum hugged a calf.

Renaissance Festival 2012-079.jpg

And we all played with a lamb!

It was such a fun day, and the kids had a blast!

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival? What’s your favorite part?

Take Me Out To The Ballgame…


One of the perks of being a DFW Chevy Girl is that I will occasionally score tickets to fun events, like Chevy Fan Day at Texas Motor Speedway, the Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton concert and, most recently, the Texas Rangers ALDS Playoff game against Tampa Bay.

I was SO EXCITED when they offered me the tickets… and so was The Nerd. He may look pasty white because he never goes out in the sun, but that boy LOVES playoff baseball.

We invited a couple of friends to attend the game with us, and made a weekend out of it! Luckily, nesting has been encouraging me to clean house all week and our home was actually prepared for visitors without much last-minute cleanup, for once.

We headed to the game Saturday night and had a BLAST.


The fans were WILD. The Rangers had lost Friday night, so we were all ready for a comeback. It was SO LOUD in the stadium… I’ve never been to a baseball game that intense.


We were behind at the beginning but an AMAZING Fourth Inning put us ahead. The Rays almost caught back up, but couldn’t quite come back.

It was such an awesome game. A nail-biter, to say the least, but we had so much fun. It was nice to leave a game we’d won, especially considering the AWFUL, EMBARRASSING loss by Texas A&M earlier in the day. But I don’t want to talk about that.


Of course, we HAD to stop and admire the Chevy Cruze on our way into the stadium. I drive an Equinox and LOVE IT, and the Cruze is such a great little car. I’m super-excited because I’m about to get to test drive a Chevy Traverse for two weeks! More on that later, though…


All in all, it was a great night at the ballpark, courtesy of the North Texas Chevy Dealers.

What’s your favorite part about a baseball game? I’d love to hear your stories!



**Disclaimer** Tickets to this game were provided to me at no charge by the North Texas Chevy Dealers, who is a sponsor of my blog.

Princess for a Day at the Renaissance Faire


This weekend, we headed to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Texas.

Lately, River has been obsessed with princesses. She loves Beauty and the Beast and all you have to do to make her happy is tell her she looks like a princess.

So, we knew this would be the perfect treat for her!

Her mom did an awesome job of dressing her up in a princess costume. She braided her hair and River looked so beautiful.

River was so excited to go to the “fessival” to see the King and Queen. She wanted to dance with the King, she told us. It was so cute.

Our first stop once we arrived was by the face painting booth.


River was so excited to have her face painted. She sat so still and did a great job of letting the artist work her magic.


My favorite thing about it, though? The Nerd has this irrational fear of face paint. It totally weirds him out. And I may or may not enjoy seeing him squirm. I mean, come on! Face paint? Not clowns or bunnies? Face paint?



Once she was finished, River ran over to the mirror to get a better look at herself. She was so excited!


Isn’t she a doll?

After she was all prettied up, we headed browsed around the festival some more. River loved seeing everyone in their costumes.

We soon found a shop with crowns. Of course, no princess is complete without a crown.

She picked out this beautiful yellow crocheted crown with butterflies on it. So adorable!

Then, we headed off in search of a show or some food.

Along the way, we happened upon a shop with fairie wings. Once River saw them, she immediately headed that way. And how could we resist?


She picked out some blue ones. You know, to match her pink dress and yellow crown. So cute!

With her wings and crown, she was a full-fledged princess. She found another mirror and was dancing and twirling and admiring her outfit.


This was my favorite shot of the day. She has just the perfect princess pose!


And here she is dancing and having fun! Love it!


Next, we got to ride a camel! Err…River and Nanna got to ride a camel.


Don’t they look like they’re having fun?

It was such an awesome day, and I think River had a blast!

My favorite part of the day? The food!! Sausage on a stick and kettle corn. Y.U.M.

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival? What’s your favorite part? Protection Status