Please Welcome…

Baby Blake at 7 weeks cropped

Our very own little nerdling!

I have been *dying* to tell you guys this news.

The Nerd was hell-bent on keeping the whole thing a secret for as long as possible, but circumstances have forced us to reevaluate that decision.

Right now, at this very moment, I’m 8 weeks pregnant.

The little one is due on December 28, 2011. A Christmas miracle!

As you can tell, I’ve been MIA the past few weeks. Morning sickness and general blah have taken over my life. And we’ve had a rough go the last week or so.

I finally feel like I’m in a place where I can tell you everything that’s been going on and share this emotional roller-coaster with you.

We found out the news after my trip to Seaside, Florida last month. We went to my OB to confirm with an ultrasound at 6 weeks. Everything checked out great and the baby’s heart rate was 113 bpm. All the measurements lined up and everything was wonderful.

A week later, I had some worrisome spotting and called my doctor to find out what I should do. They had me come in for another ultrasound — I was 7 weeks at the time. All the measurements checked out great, but the baby’s heart rate had slowed to 97 bpm.

The doctor told me that this is not a good sign and that I could be miscarrying the baby. So, I went home, cried, called my parents, cried some more, got a Blessing from my father and prayed that Heavenly Father would take care of things as He sees fit.

That was a hard week for me. I planned on telling you then — but I just couldn’t bring myself to. What if I went back to the doctor and got bad news? No, I needed to wait until after I saw the doctor again at 8 weeks.

And I’m so glad I did!

We had our 8-week appointment yesterday. It was wonderful!

The baby’s heart rate was 167 bpm — very, very good! And all the measurements checked out. No signs of miscarrying.


I feel at peace right now, which is why I can finally share this crazy journey with you. I have had no more bleeding, which is good, and all of my pregnancy symptoms are still very much present.

So, I’m taking the achey feet and morning sickness and crazy cravings as a sign that everything is going according to plan.

My wonderful boss was kind enough to let me take it easy last week at work. He has been so supportive through this whole ordeal and I feel very lucky to work for such a great man.

Our families have been so supportive and caring, and I am grateful for them, too. It’s amazing how when things get tough, the people you love step in and make all the difference in the world.

I was so wracked with grief, so upset and so negative about our situation. But in stepped our loved ones, who comforted me and stood by me and told me that no matter what, we would get through this and our baby would be in a great place. I truly believe that and I am so thankful to them for reminding me.

It’s amazing to me how one little moment can change your life so drastically. You can’t *feel* the presence of that little life inside you, but you know it’s there. And you love it so, so much.

We still have a ways to go until we’re out of the first trimester. But I am happy and hopeful for a bright future.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!



  1. Congratulations!

  2. Oh my goodness, congratulations! I think there must be something in the water because I have several friends who have just reported pregnancies. Very exciting!

  3. Giant Sis says

    Congratulations! I’m glad you have such a great network of support to be with you during this. Best wishes!

  4. Congratulations 🙂

  5. Congratulations! I will keep you in my prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  6. OMG! Congratulations to you and the Nerd! Amazing. ♥

  7. Congratulations Arena! I was so happy for you when I saw the ultrasound photo on my dashboard! You always look so happy when you are with your niece in all those cute photographs you post, I actually wondered why you don’t have one of your own!! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy! 🙂

  8. Congratulations again chica! I told Bryan, and we’re both so happy for you and James!

  9. Congratulations on a new little Nerdling!! The morning sickness will hang around for a while. But all that and the worry are worth it in the end!!

  10. Aww, congratulations! I can’t wait to start seeing pictures of your own baby 😉

  11. CONGRATS! I wondered where you were lately. 🙂 I’m glad things are looking better now and I will keep you in my thoughts. It’s wonderful how loved ones always have the most comforting things to say and do when we need them the most.

  12. Congratulations, again! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough pregnancy so far, but I hope that the rest of it smooth sailing for you. I cannot wait to see pictures of this little baby eventually!

  13. A baby! I am so So SO happy for you.

  14. Yay! Congrats!

  15. Congratulations Arena! I am sure the Lord has big plans for you and your family!!

  16. OMG congratulations!!! 😀 This is so exciting can’t wait to learn more 🙂

  17. Arena, we are sooo happy for you and the nerd!!! Congrats my friend!!!

  18. Congratulations! Here’s to a happy and healthy 9 months!

  19. Jessica Cline says

    Congratulations! A very happy and healthy nine months to you. I hope the morning sickness passes quickly.

  20. Прекрасна новина ! Много щастие и здраве на цялото семейство ! 🙂

  21. Congrats on the great news!! Sending prayers for that baby and for you…:)

  22. Yay, Arena! I’m so happy for you. I wonder if that doc didn’t accidentally hear YOUR heartbeat! (Mistakes happen and can cause so much worry for mamas.) Trust your body, it’s going to grow you a sweet little babe!

  23. Oh hooray!!! I am so happy for you and your dear nerd!!!

    Much love and health and joy coming your way!


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