Holiday Puppies

One thing that I absolutely love about the holidays is the chance to take beautiful bokeh pictures.
Last year, I had no idea what I was doing.
This year was not much better, but I think I managed to get some good ones.
It’s actually quite easy to get beautiful bokeh from the Christmas tree lights.
It’s not easy, however, to get two ornery dogs to stay still while you *try* to get beautiful holiday bokeh pictures.
Or, for that matter, to get them to sit up when you need them to.
And then, once you get them *to* sit up, you have to look at their heartbroken faces because they think they’re in trouble.

But then, you occasionally get a good one. Aren’t The Minions cute?

I’m linking up this photo for My3Boybarians Sweet Shot Tuesday.
Sweet Shot Day

Did you get any good holiday photos this year?


  1. Those are adorable dogs and beautiful pictures.

  2. Jamie - I'm a guy, btw! says

    Awww! Thanks for warming my heart this morning. I got some great photos of my dogs chewing their Christmas presents beneath the tree…aren't they the greatest?

  3. I love these photos! You have beautiful dogs and the photos are so crisp and clear! What kind of camera is it?
    BTW, I love the look on your dogs faces in the second to last photo!

  4. Lil Mama Stuart says

    those are wonderful! also liked your Darcy inspired hot cocoa picture 😉

  5. Mom to 9 Blessings! says

    They are SO CUTE!!! great job 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  6. DASH Photography says

    So cute! 🙂

  7. Melissa (Books and Things) says

    That is just too cute! Great job!!

  8. Very cute pups! nice shot. good job getting them to both look at the same time!

  9. Oh my, they are soooooooooo cute!! Amazing…

  10. jackie b central texas says

    That last picture was the "money shot" for sure Arena! The furbabies are just beautiful, ours only cooperate occasionally too so don't feel bad… We got one cutie of my Tabby coiled up almost upside down asleep in my poor Chihuahua's fleece dog bed, she is a bed thief!

    jackie >_<

  11. You did an amazing job! Dogs are impossible to shoot 😀

  12. Casey (The Bookish Type) says

    Too adorable! My dog is completely camera shy. He even knows when I'm using my phone to take his picture and refuses to cooperate! I had no idea what a bokeh was at first — I thought it was a breed of dog lol! Idk how you do it, but these pics are great!

  13. I love your blog!! What cute dogs and beautiful pictures…:)

  14. These are wonderful dog photos! I have a hard enough time getting my one dog to sit in the right spot and look at me so I'm impressed that you did such a great job with two dogs!

  15. Beautiful dogs. The one on the right, do you know what breed it is? I have a shelter dog that has the exact same coloration and ears, but is a bit larger. She is obviously a mix, but we’ve no idea what type a mix. Your dog loks like a miniaturized version of my Harper. Thank you in advance for helping me identify part of her mix.

  16. Hi Scott! The brown and white dog is a beagle (she’s a liver-colored beagle, instead of a tri-colored one) and the black and tan dog is a Pomeranian. Hope that helps!

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