Planning Our Trip to Paris

Eiffel Tower

I’ve always dreamed of visiting Paris, France. So I jumped for joy when the chance for a trip to Paris next month arose for some consulting work I’m doing. We decided to stay a bit longer and tie in a family vacation. Since we decided to go, I’ve been scouring the web trying to plan our trip. But when I found Gogobot, a social travel site that launched in 2010, my search was over.

Gogobot allows you to connect with your friends to get their advice on where to visit, what to eat, and where to stay when you travel. You can use the service to plan things ahead of time, or you can poll your friends on the fly.

It is super-easy to set up a trip and search for popular destinations. You can even filter the results to show people you know who already use Gogobot. Don’t know anyone using the site yet? No worries! You can pose questions and share them on Facebook or Twitter to get responses from your friends!

When I searched for Children’s Activities, I found Départ 104, a museum with an amazing carousel (it has moving bugs on it!) that I can’t wait to show Andrew! I never would have found this place otherwise.

Once you add destinations to your trip, you can view them on a personalized map. That was really handy for me to see where all the different places I want to visit are in relation to each other. It will make it easier to plan our days that way.

I love that there’s an iPhone app for the website, so when we get to Paris, I can still search for info and ask questions.

Take a moment to check out my trip plan and recommend some destinations for us, if you’ve been to Paris!

GoGoBot Collage 1Visual Trip GalleryGoGoBot Collage 2Paris Trip Map

What’s your dream vacation? If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


Disclaimer: Gogobot allows you to tap into the knowledge of your friends when planning a trip anywhere. You can find like-minded travelers and inspiration for your next vacation, creating easy-to-use wishlists you can return to again and again.

And when you are not in vacation mode or planning a trip, you can discover hidden gems in your own neighborhood for entertaining guests or a weekend staycation.

The best part? Every page on Gogobot is personalized. You can see reviews from your friends and people you are following at the top, which allows you to weed out the noise and fraudulent reviews that become a problem on other review sites. Check out Gogobot today!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gogobot. The opinions and text are all mine.


Fall in the Mountains

Fall in the Mountains-020.jpg

Andrew and I are visiting my sister in New Mexico this week. She has two little boys and Andrew is having the time of his life, chasing Hyrum and Benson around the house and playing with the Big Boys.

Today, we took a trip up into the mountains to take photos of the fall leaves. We don’t get many fall leaves in Texas, y’all.

On our way home, Hyrum looked at me and said, “Andrew is not a baby. He’s a BOY.” And I almost started bawling right then and there. Wisdom from a three-year-old.

My baby boy will be one year old in less than a month. Where has the time gone?

Fall in the Mountains-018.jpgFall in the Mountains-003.jpgFall in the Mountains Collage 2Fall in the Mountains-012.jpgFall in the Mountains-015.jpgFall in the Mountains-005.jpgFall in the Mountains Collage 1

Shirt: Target, Leggings: J.Crew, Boots: J.Crew, Watch: Michael Kors


What am I going to do without my baby?

Low Tide and a Trip to Stanley Park in Vancouver

Low Tide in White Rock BC-577

On our last day in Canada, The Nerd and I took Andrew down to the beach during Low Tide. It was a bit too early in the morning for Andrew’s taste, and a tad bit cold, but I had fun taking photos!

Low Tide in White Rock BC-571Low Tide CollageLow Tide in White Rock BC-559Low Tide in White Rock BC-595

Later that day, we visited Stanley Park in Vancouver. The Vancouver skyline is so neat, with all the glass buildings right on the water’s edge.

Vancouver on the Water-2-8Vancouver CollageVancouver on the Water-2-2

We had such a great time on our trip. Thanks for sharing the journey with us.

Have you ever visited Vancouver? What was your favorite part?


A Family Affair

Family Photos-290

Before we headed to The Nerd’s cousin’s wedding, we decided to take some family photos while we were all dressed up.

Family Photo CollageFamily Photos-270

Andrew and his Grandpa had an agreement that Andrew would get Grandpa’s tie all drooly so that he could take it off. Andrew happily obliged.

Wedding Collage

The wedding was beautiful and we had a marvelous time. Andrew was the hit of the party (besides the beautiful bride, of course) and he tried to steal the show during the speeches at the reception. I’m sure the Bride and Groom didn’t appreciate all the loud baby babble, but we sure thought it was funny.

Rodgers Family Barbecue-515Rodgers Family Barbecue-534Barbecue CollageRodgers Family Barbecue-532

The day after the wedding, the family had a barbecue for the bride and groom. It was a beautiful day. Andrew was mesmerized by the beautiful flowers and the green grass. He loved feeling it against his feet — we don’t have grass like that in Texas.

Once again, Andrew was the hit of the party. He met so many people and won them over instantly. I don’t think he cried even once when someone new held him. I know he is missing all of his Canadian friends and family being stuck and home now with just Mommy.

Last Canadian post tomorrow — our trip to Stanley Park and a visit to the beach at Low Tide! Thanks for looking!


A Sunny Stroll and Breathtaking Sunset in White Rock, BC

Stroll in White Rock BC-397

One of my favorite things about White Rock was the cute little beach houses built up along the hill overlooking the ocean. We decided to strike out one day and walk along the fun shops and waterfront to get a closer look.

Stroll in White Rock BC-422Stroll in White Rock BC-441Second Day - White Rock CollageStroll in White Rock BC-434

The place where we stayed — the Ocean Promenade Hotel — was so adorable. We had a balcony with a view of the ocean. It was so fun to sit outside and chat and not roast!

Hotel CollageFamily on the Balcony-084

Top: LOFT, Pants: LOFT, Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Coach

I tried to dress casually and comfortably for this trip. I had to get a photo of Andrew and Mommy in our matching Sperry’s!

That evening, I asked The Nerd if we could walk down to the Pier at sunset.

The view of the city lights reflecting on the water was breathtaking. Ducks floated on the water and the moon came out as the sun went down.

Sunset in White Rock BC-151Sunset in White Rock BC-149Sunset in White Rock BC-143Sunset in White Rock BC-120Grandparents Sunset CollageSunset Collage 2Sunset in White Rock BC-169

It was truly the perfect night. Can I go back? No? Well, alright then. Protection Status