2012 Hot Holiday Toy List

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Every year, Time to Play Magazine puts together a list of the Most Wanted Toys prior to the holiday season. They test and review thousands of toys, narrowing the list down to those your little ones will be most excited to receive.

The toys are evaluated on three factors: Fun, Repeated Play and Ease of Assembly and Instructions. The list also includes a brief description of each toy, along with the Suggested Age Range. If you click on the toy, you’ll be taken to an info page sharing the price, any battery requirements and locations where the toy can be purchased.

This website has made my holiday shopping SO much easier! I already have a list started for Andrew and each of my nieces and nephews.

I decided to take a look at their list and feature a dozen of the toys that looked the coolest and most exciting for the holidays. Can you believe that Furby is back? And that helicopter is PERFECT for The Nerd. The My Little Pony castle would be an awesome gift for River.

Remember — these toys will sell out fast, so if you haven’t already started your holiday shopping, now’s the time to do so!

Don’t see anything on the list that catches your eye? Time to Play Magazine has a Toy Advisor on their website, where you can find toys based on your child’s gender, age and type of play they enjoy. How cool is that? I know what I’ll be using to find Andrew’s birthday and Christmas presents this year!

Have you started your holiday shopping? What’s on your child’s must-have list this year?


Mommy’s Little Monster

Baby is a Monster-007

On our recent trip to Canada, Andrew decided it was time to get in his two bottom teeth.

Yes, you read that right. My son grew TWO teeth while we were in a foreign country.

Since then, he has decided that his new favorite way to play is EATING Mommy’s legs. I like to call him my Little Monster.

Andrew is a Monster

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My Poor Sick Baby

Sick Baby-003.jpg

This is my reality right now: Rocking a fussy, sick baby. Trying to get him comfortable for just long enough so he’ll fall back asleep.

When Andrew was born, I thought his time in the NICU was the worst thing I would have to experience — the separation, not knowing if there would be complications and just living day-to-day.

We were blessed — there were no major complications and Andrew grew and thrived. He came home after only three weeks and has done so well since then.

But the last month, we’ve been battling illness in our little man. And I can honestly say this is the most helpless I’ve ever felt.

It’s nothing too serious, but it seems like as soon as he’s over one sickness, another pops up. Right now, we’re battling a double ear infection, after two bouts of strep throat last month.

Let me tell you, it isn’t fun.

It is so hard seeing my normally happy, giggling little angel with tears streaming down his face because he hurts so bad.

Sick Baby-001.jpg

How do you nurse your babies when they’re sick?


My First Mother's Day


This is what I got for Mother’s Day. And it’s not even from my husband.

He did mail me flowers four days ago, though. Along with a card that said, “Happy mothers day. Love, james and Andrrw” Yeah. Spelled just like that.

But when I woke this morning with the glowing anticipation of my very first Mother’s Day, I was expecting a little more than four-day-old wilted flowers.

I didn’t necessarily need heart-shaped pancakes, jewelry or any such thing. But I did anticipate some gesture from my husband to show that he acknowledged the fact that I carried his son in my womb for seven-and-a-half months, and treasured me for it.

I mean, come on! I grew a HUMAN for Pete’s sake! I deserve something, right!?

You know that guy who dumps you right before Christmas and Valentine’s Day so he doesn’t have to buy you a present? Yeah. I married that guy.

I know I joke about being married to a nerd and all that, but sometimes, it’s just SO FRUSTRATING to be with a man who doesn’t communicate or really even listen. Who is SO SMART he has to argue about everything, even about whether or not he’s arguing with me.

So, as I was wallowing in self pity, thinking how awful it was that my husband didn’t love me enough to give me ANYTHING on the day honoring mothers, I looked down and saw the little angel in my arms.


And I had a whole new perspective.

This. This is what Mother’s Day is about. This little man who has my heart wrapped around his finger.

Him and me. Me and him. That’s all that matters.

I have this beautiful little person in my life.

And THAT, my friends, is the greatest Mother’s Day present of all.



We Start 'Em Young

Last night, Andrew was being particularly fussy. The Nerd was doing his best to satisfy the baby, but nothing seemed to help.

Then, all of a sudden, it was quiet. The Nerd was gone; so was the baby. After a momentary freak-out, I found the pair of them back in the Nerd Cave.

This is what they were doing:

Gaming With Daddy

I guess when all else fails, the answer is gaming.

At least, we seem to think so.


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