Snow Day!

It is COLD here in Texas.
And by COLD, I mean “oh-my-goodness-I’m-gonna-freeze-my-tushy-off” weather. We knew it was coming, so on Monday night, The Nerd and I packed up and headed to my brother’s house.
It is much a much closer commute for The Nerd from there, and the schools I was scheduled to visit were closer, too.
We had a plan: The Nerd would wake up at 5 am (before it hit freezing) and drive in to work. If school was still in session, I would go about my business as usual.
But when the alarm went off at 5 am, we were in for a surprise. It was 26 degrees outside. And it only got colder.
The Nerd had an important meeting at work, though, and had to commute in anyway. The normally 30-minute drive took 2.5 hours.
I was *really* glad that schools were cancelled.
And so was River!
She got all dressed up in her purple coat and matching headband. Isn’t she a doll?
She was having so much fun…
Until the wind started blowing. With the windchill, it felt like it was in the teens outside!
When the wind hit, she grabbed her hair and didn’t put down her hands the rest of the time we were outside.
It was really cute.
The ground really wasn’t cover with snow, per se, just an icy mixture of sleet.
I tried to get her to stomp on it, but she was too light to leave any footprints.
The road in front of the house was completely iced over, so Andy took her out on it to “skate.”
I think that one day, my niece will be a daredevil. She *loves* anything that involves spinning or sliding or going really, really fast.
It was a really fun snow day! We don’t get those very often.
Is it cold where you live? What do you like to do on snow days?

The Worst Word To Teach a 2-Year-Old…

There is one word … one word that you should never, ever, ever teach a two-year-old.
This word causes the most beautiful child’s face to spasm.
It completely takes away her ability to take a “normal” photo.
It makes me shudder.
The word?
River is at that fun age where her vocabulary is growing and her imagination is in full bloom.
She loves looking like a princess and pretends to be a puppy and calls everyone around her by their Sponge Bob names (I’m Squidward, in case you’re wondering. The Nerd is Mr. Crabs.)
She dances around her room, emulating Belle from Beauty and the Beast, singing “This provincial liiiifffeeeeee…”
But put a camera in her face and this beautiful mug goes from this:
To this:
To this:
All the while, she gleefully yells, “CHEESE!”
She still is beautiful, though, right? Even with her squinched up face. 
Thanks for looking!

Girl Scout Cookies!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…
I love, love, love me some Girl Scout cookies.
The Nerd likes Thin Mints.
And I have to admit, they sure are tasty.
But for me, it’s all about the Samoas.
Errr…wait. I mean the Caramel deLites
Did you know that they changed the name of Samoas?
Actually, the names of several of the kinds of cookies change, according to the company that makes them.
The Girl Scouts have two commercial companies that make the cookies — ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers.
You can see all the different kinds of cookies on the Girl Scouts’ website.
What are your favorite kinds of Girl Scout cookies?

Fetch in the Snow!

Last week, we got an unexpected surprise: SNOW!
I always get excited about snow. I live in Texas, land of unexpected weather.
Snow is a rare, but fun, part of that.
So, when our backyard was covered in the fluffy white stuff, I took The Minions out for a little fun.
Kaylee *loves* to play fetch. So we had a little game in the snow!
IMG_0790 with comment
When I threw the ball, it would get buried in the snow!
IMG_0791 with comment
It took her a bit, but she usually found it.
IMG_0797 with comment
Notice I said *usually.*
IMG_0802 with comment
She looked all over.
IMG_0805 with comment 2
But it was always right in front of her face.
Does it snow a lot where you live? Or are your flakes few and far between like ours?
Thanks for looking!

Christmas in the Square: Frisco, Texas

My favorite part of the holiday season is all the Christmas lights.
I remember growing up, we’d go for drives and count the number of houses lit up for the season.
Those are some of my favorite memories.
Last week, The Nerd and I took a walk in downtown Frisco. I love the downtown area — it has the charm of a small town square, but the amenities of a larger city.
Each holiday season, the city sponsors Christmas in the Square, a display of Christmas lights on all the buildings in the square.
The lights are timed to music, and each weekend, a snow machine dusts the square in fluffy white flakes.
You know, since it’s Texas and it doesn’t ever really snow.
The Nerd was my photo guinea pig. Isn’t he cute?
It was really beautiful this year.
Are there any good Christmas light displays where you live?
Thanks for looking! Protection Status