Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge: 2011

I have lived in Texas my whole life (except for a brief stint in Washington, DC for an internship). In that time, I’ve been to the State Fair, I’ve crossed the Rio Grande, I’ve seen the Come and Get It Canon and I’ve even been to Cowboys Stadium.

I think of myself as a true Texan, but until this weekend, I had never been to a rodeo. That’s right — no bullriding challenges for me.

So when the North Texas Chevy Dealers invited me to the 2011 Tuff Hedeman Championship bullriding challenge, I happily accepted!

April and Eric came up from Houston to go with us. It was a great chance to get to hang out for a while!


Of course, we *had* to stop by the Chevy booth when we arrived at the Will Rogers Coliseum.


It’s Truck Month at Chevy, so I made sure to stop by and check out the new Chevy Silverado. I just love this color of red.


And, of course, we had to check out the Chevy Volt!


Here’s the plug where you plug it in! I just think that’s *so* cool!


When it was time for the rodeo to start, the Silverado was front and center (as it should be!).


The show got started with a bang, and a tribute to CBR.


And then Tuff Hedeman himself rode in on a motorcycle!


Soon, the bull riding began.


These guys have *guts*.


Occasionally, a bull broke free once it had bucked off its rider. The errant bulls were quickly rounded up, though.


This bull was named Marshmallow. A cute name for a mean bull.


In true fashion, The Nerd wore his “bow chica bow wow” shirt to the event. You can be sure we stood out from the crowd.


After the riding was over, Cody Canada and the Departed played for the crowd.


I loved Cross Canadian Ragweed and was sad to learn of their split. But I really enjoyed the new music they played!

It was a really fun night and I’m so glad we had the chance to go.

Have you ever been to a rodeo? What’s your favorite part?



**Disclaimer** North Texas Chevy Dealers provided four tickets for us to attend this event. We really enjoyed ourselves!



The Pioneer Woman Book Signing: Dallas, Texas

PW 11
Last night, I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers: Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.
She was in Dallas promoting her new book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story.
PW 10
Ree first answered some questions from the audience.
She told us that the book had been optioned for a movie and that she’s currently working on her second cookbook.
PW 9
She asked her family to join her on the stage (after the audience requested it!). That’s the infamous Marlboro Man and her four “punks.”
PW 7
I love this photo of Ree and her family. I think it encapsulates her fun, spunky personality.
PW 6
Her oldest daughter, Alex, disagreed.
I can just feel the eye roll from here, can’t you?
Ah, to be young and a teenager.
PW 5
Here’s me and The Nerd. He puts up with me and my insane requests to attend author signings on Valentine’s Day.
PW 4
Just a small sampling of the line. It wrapped around the store.
And then…it was my turn.
PW 3
I gave Ree a copy of Firefly, an awesome sci-fi show that I have raved about more than once on this site.
PW 2
I really think she (and Marlboro Man) will enjoy the western feel of the show. At least I hope so!
She seemed interested…but she was probably just humoring me.
PW 1
We chatted a bit longer as she signed the massive stack of books I put in front of her.
PW and Me
Yay! I *love* her!
 Marlboro Man 2
Marlboro Man even had his own signing line.
It was such a fun night and I’m so glad I had the chance to go!
And, just because I love you guys and couldn’t leave you out, I got a signed copy of each of her books to give away!
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Medieval Times: A Knight to Remember!

One of my favorite places in the whole wide world is Medieval Times.
I don’t know why, but I love to go see the show there. The Nerd knows my love of knights, jousting and eating with my bare hands, so he treated me to a dinner there for Valentine’s Day.
I was *so* excited!
I love the look and feel of the castle.
And the paper crowns. I’m a big fan of paper crowns.
We were cheering for the Green Knight.
Everything is color-coordinated.
It’s such a great atmosphere.
The napkins have all the info you need.
Including what’s for dinner.
Don’t expect a great meal, but hey, the chance to eat with your fingers with no societal backlash is worth it.
Oh noes! Is that the prince?
And who’s that dark stranger?
Something fishy is going on here…
Don’t whip the prince!
Here are all the squires and servants. I wonder what the going rate for a Medieval Servant is?
All hail the KING!
Knights in shining armor…
Medieval_Times-030.jpg >

The Princess was really whiney. I guess I’d be too, though, if a cloaked figure stole my husband and whipped him out of the arena.
Pretty horses.
He was pretty good in battle.
But my favorite part was the jousting!
WHACK! BAM! (I feel like I should be in an old-school episode of Batman)
But in the end, good always prevails over evil.
It was such a fun night.
And tonight, we’re headed to The Pioneer Woman’s book signing in Dallas. I really do have the best hubby ever!
What are your plans for the day of love?

Snowpocalypse 2011

This was our house on Friday morning.
We live in TEXAS. It is not supposed to snow like this in TEXAS.
You couldn’t see the SIDEWALK. You couldn’t find the STREET.
The Minions had no idea what TO DO in this fluffy white stuff.
Kaylee kept face-planting in the snow because she’d pull so hard on her leash, trip over the invisible sidewalk and eat it.
Georgie just suffered through it, as usual.
By Saturday afternoon, much of the snow had melted. Finally. After being SNOWED IN for FOUR DAYS, I was a little stir-crazy.
And so was The Nerd, apparently.
He decided to make use of the last little bit of snow by hurling snowballs at The Minions.
Kaylee was unsuspecting at first.
But not for long. I love that snowball flying through the air!
(Yay 7D!)
Hey, when you’ve been stuck inside due to extreme amounts of ice and snow (Ok, ok, not EXTREME. But SIX INCHES is A LOT OF SNOW in Texas! ESPECIALLY when it falls on a thick layer of ice) it’s the little things that count.
Oh, and guess what? Remember my photography getaway trip?
I’m SUPPOSED to leave on Wednesday. The forecast?
Whatever happened to Global Warming?

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo

Last weekend, The Nerd and I headed to the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo for a day of nerdy goodness.
Morena Baccarin (who played Inara on Firefly and Anna on V) was there signing autographs, along with Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica.
We got to the event pretty early and wandered through the vendor booths looking at all the crazy things for sale.
There were *so many* vintage toys and comics and T-shirts.
This booth sold autographed photos from celebrities — they cost anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on the actor’s fame and the rarity of the autograph.
There were Stargate: SG 1 costumes and even an exhibit of baby vampire dolls.
Seriously. It was kind of odd.
But MY favorite thing? Definitely this “Future Captain” onesie.
I can totally see a little nerdling running around in one of those one day.
Outside the autograph area, there were several vintage games set up.
Aren’t they cool?
And there were so many people dressed as their favorite characters! The people-watching was worth the trip alone!
We were pretty worn out and didn’t really want to brave the long lines to get autographs (plus, they cost $35 each!) or to get a seat in the Q&A sessions.
So we were lame and just walked around a bit and then left.
The Nerd is *really* looking forward to seeing Stan Lee and Leonard Nimoy at Dallas Comic Con in May!
Thanks for looking!

Christmas in the Square: Frisco, Texas

My favorite part of the holiday season is all the Christmas lights.
I remember growing up, we’d go for drives and count the number of houses lit up for the season.
Those are some of my favorite memories.
Last week, The Nerd and I took a walk in downtown Frisco. I love the downtown area — it has the charm of a small town square, but the amenities of a larger city.
Each holiday season, the city sponsors Christmas in the Square, a display of Christmas lights on all the buildings in the square.
The lights are timed to music, and each weekend, a snow machine dusts the square in fluffy white flakes.
You know, since it’s Texas and it doesn’t ever really snow.
The Nerd was my photo guinea pig. Isn’t he cute?
It was really beautiful this year.
Are there any good Christmas light displays where you live?
Thanks for looking!


James and Arena in parkas 4x6
Last weekend, we decided to visit the ICE! Exhibit at the Gaylord Texan.
If you’re not familiar with ICE!, it’s a display of ice sculptures that’s 9 degrees inside.
River and Andy in parkas
Because it’s so cold, they give you these HUGE parkas to wear.
They ran out of the smaller size, so River’s was giant on her. It made me laugh.
Brad Jet and Hyrum in parkas
Here are Brad, Jet and Hyrum. His didn’t fit well, either.
This year, the theme was a Charlie Brown Christmas. The ice is colored and pretty much everything is carved from it.
It was really neat. I was afraid my camera would freeze so I didn’t take many photos.
River on the slide
I did pull it out in time to catch River sliding down the ice slide in her giant parka and getting stuck about halfway down.
She just lay there, with her arms up in the air covered completely by the huge sleeves.
What else could she do?
Brad and River on the slide
Brad was waiting at the bottom to catch her.
He didn’t know what to do either.
I’m laughing so hard remembering it.
The slide attendant had to walk up the ice (I can’t believe he didn’t slip!) and pull her the rest of the way down.
Nanna and Pappy
Once we left ICE! we decided to snap some photos with the beautiful Christmas decorations at the Gaylord Texan. That’s Nanna and Pappy.
Brad Jet and Hyrum 4x6
I love this photo of Jet, Brad and Hyrum.
Andy Alex and River 4x6
Andy, Alex and River
James and Arena 4x6
The Nerd and Me
River with snowflake
River is so cute.
Even with a snowflake on her head.
River with snowflake 2
Snowflake? What snowflake?
Thanks for looking!
We bundled up to see the ICE! exhibit at the Gaylor Texan this Christmas. It was 9 degrees inside! Burrr!

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