Just Playin’

Last night, we got a fun surprise.
My niece, River, came to visit!
This morning, after she woke up, Nanna went through her clothes.
And River found these bloomers.
Of course, she had to put them on her head.
She didn’t quite understand why I was intent on taking her picture.
I think this look epitomizes her personality.
She’s thinking: “Reenie, whatchyou doin’?”
Or something like that.
She found one of Jet’s candles and was pretending to blow it out.
So cute!

Photo Walk Portfolio

I wanted to share some of my work from last weekend at the I *Heart* Faces Photo Walk.
Isn’t that shot of the three girls really fun?
I love the “in the moment” looks on their faces.
This lovely family let us use their three girls as a models for our photos.
Aren’t they adorable?
I love her outfit. So stylish.
She was so fun and full of life!
I love her green dress.
And her cowboy hat. So cute.
This shot made me feel like a super-chic photographer.
You know, with models and stuff.
Doesn’t she look like she’s contemplating something really profound?
And here she looks like she’s waiting on something to happen.
Do you want to see what the other (more awesome) photographers shot?
You can visit the I *Heart* Faces Flickr group here.
Thanks for looking!

I *Heart* Faces Photo Walk

This is me and my friend, Christy.
She’s a professional photographer.
I am a *very* amateur photographer.
So, when I heard about the I *Heart* Faces Photo Walk, I knew it would be something I’d want to participate in. And I thought Christy would have fun, too.
A chance to learn from other bloggers and photographers?
Yes, please!
About 40 of us met up in downtown Dallas on Saturday morning.
We wandered around downtown, chatted and took photos.
It was a lot of fun.
This is Amy, a co-founder of I *Heart* Faces. She was taking a group shot of everyone.
As you can see, photographers are not afraid to get down on the ground for a good shot.
Here’s Christy taking a photo of one of our models. You’ll hear more about them in a later post.
There were so many cool places we found downtown to take photos.
But the *best* part? (Other than getting to hang out with Christy again…)
I got to meet Allie and Holly, two local bloggers I admire and follow.
Allie writes Fresh Confessions of a Screwed Up Texan, an honest, hilarious blog about life with her husband and boys.
Holly writes June Cleaver Nirvana, where she details her adventures trapping beavers, searching for Silly Bands and stopping chirping smoke detectors.
You seriously need to go check out these blogs. They’re *so* good.
I hope to be like them someday.
But for now, you just have to make do with my stories about dogs who walk like humans, fierce predators and my husband’s stinky feet.
Tomorrow, I’ll post the photos I took of our models. I hope you’ll enjoy them!
Thanks for looking!

A chance to get together with local bloggers and photographers and hike around with our cameras? Sign me up!

Worth A Thousand Words…

This past Christmas, I was taking full advantage of my present from James, when it started snowing.
Yes, it snowed in Texas. Three times this past year, actually.
We were all gathered at my parents’ house for the holiday. And River got to play in the snow for the first time.
That’s when I captured this shot of her and her daddy.
I love the looks on their faces — the pure joy that resonates from them. River is giggling and she doesn’t quite know what to do with her hands.
That white stuff falling from the sky is cold!
I can only imagine what’s going through her head.
It was a great moment to be able to see. It was even better to photograph.
Earlier this week, my blog idol posted a Photography Assignment with the theme: Happiness. This shot immediately came to mind.
So, I added it to the thousands of entries on the PW Photography Assignments Flickr group and didn’t think much about it.
My chances were slim.
Well, PW posted the first group on Tuesday — one day after I had submitted my photo.
I wasn’t featured.
But I wasn’t too disappointed. I mean, real photographers are often the winners in these contests. And it was only my second time to enter one of her assignments.
Wednesday was a super busy day. I was so excited because my barbecue beef brisket photo had been featured on Food Gawker earlier in the day.
I was stoked.
Life couldn’t get much better.
And then, I saw this Facebook post from my friend, Christy:
My head started spinning. Seriously!?!
Ree Drummond called this a “Precious moment.”
Oh my gosh.
If you’re a fan on Facebook, you probably witnessed my complete, ecstatic meltdown.
It was legendary.
I really don’t expect to get much further in the contest.
I am just *so* excited to even have it chosen from the thousands of entries. Seriously, there were more than 75,000 entries in the Flickr group last night.
Here’s the complete list of Group 2 photos.
And for your viewing pleasure, some more photos from that amazing day that led to all this excitement.
You can see my original post about this photo shoot here.
I just don’t think days get any better than that.

James: The Early Years

Before we got married, I asked James’ mother to send me some photos from his childhood.
I wanted to put together a slide show for the reception with photos of each of us growing up.
James’ mother, Leslie, sent me dozens of cute photos.
Like this one:
And this one:
I just want to squeeze those chubby cheeks!
So, for the debut of my new, improved blog with, you know, sections and all, I decided to share these super-cute photos with you.
Laughing with his sister, Kate.
Sleepy baby.
Yes, my friends. His head is in a beer box.
Such a silly little guy.
Who grew up into a handsome young man.
I just love the glasses!
You know, he still wears those glasses sometimes.
Are you in cuteness overload?
Just one more, ok?
I am a lucky, lucky girl.

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